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050 4 ▼a NX180.S6 ▼b A677 1998
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24500 ▼a Art, activism, and oppositionality ▼h [electronic resource]: ▼b essays from Afterimage/ ▼c edited by Grant H. Kester.
260 ▼a Durham [NC]: ▼b Duke University Press, ▼c 1998.
300 ▼a 1 online resource (vi, 318 pages): ▼b illustrations.
504 ▼a Includes bibliographical references and index.
50500 ▼t Ongoing negotiations : Afterimage and the analysis of activist art / ▼r Grant H. Kester -- ▼t Enlightened self-interest : the avant-garde in the '80s / ▼r Richard Bolton -- ▼t White men can't program : the contradictions of multiculturalism / ▼r Darrell Moore -- ▼t Fantasies of oppositionality / ▼r Coco Fusco -- ▼t The mythology of difference : vulgar identity politics at the Whitney / ▼r Charles A. Wright, Jr. -- ▼t Theses on defunding / ▼r Martha Rosler -- ▼t Rhetorical questions : the alternative arts sector and the imaginary public / ▼r Grant H. Kester -- ▼t Whose multiculturalism? PBS, the public, and privilege / ▼r Mable Haddock and Chiquita Mullins Lee -- ▼t Video activism and critical pedagogy : sexuality at the end of the rainbow curriculum / ▼r Brian Goldfarb -- ▼t Cultural struggle and educational activism / ▼r David Trend -- ▼t Video, AIDS, and activism / ▼r Ann Cvetkovich -- ▼t Early newsreel : the construction of a political imaginary for the left / ▼r Michael Renov -- ▼t Interview with Adrian Piper / ▼r Maurice Berger -- ▼t Video and electoral appeal / ▼r Patricia Thomson -- ▼t Fetal tissue : reproductive rights and activist video / ▼r Patricia R. Zimmermann -- ▼t Olympia's maid : reclaiming Black female subjectivity / ▼r Lorraine O'Grady -- ▼t Fault lines : homophobic innovation in Gay rights, special rights / ▼r Ioannis Mookas.
520 ▼a A collection of essays from the influential American journal of film, video and photography, exploring ideologies and institutions of the artworld; current media strategies for producing social change; and topics around gender, race and representation.
650 0 ▼a Arts ▼x Political aspects ▼z United States.
650 0 ▼a Multiculturalism ▼z United States.
650 0 ▼a Artists and community ▼z United States.
7001 ▼a Kester, Grant H., ▼e editor.
7300 ▼a Afterimage.
77608 ▼i Print version: ▼t Art, activism, and oppositionality. ▼d Durham [NC] : Duke University Press, 1998 ▼z 0822320819 ▼w (DLC) 97032124 ▼w (OCoLC)37782866
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