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020 ▼a 9781119260080: ▼c (gift)
040 ▼a WaSeSS/DLC ▼c WaSeSS ▼d 211064
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1001 ▼a Koutromanos, Ioannis, ▼d 1982- ▼e author.
24510 ▼a Fundamentals of finite element analysis: ▼b linear finite element analysis/ ▼c [by] Ioannis Koutromanos ; with single-chapter contributions from James McClure, Christopher Roy.
260 ▼a Hoboken, NJ: ▼b John Wiley & Sons, ▼c c2018.
300 ▼a xviii, 710 p.: ▼b ill.; ▼c 25 cm.
504 ▼a Includes bibliographical references and index
5050 ▼a Strong and weak form for one-dimensional problems -- Finite element formulation for one-dimensional problems -- Multi-dimensional problems : mathematical preliminaries -- Two-dimensional heat conduction and other scalar field problems -- Finite element formulation for two-dimensional scalar field problems -- Multi-dimensional elasticity -- Finite element formulation for two-dimensional elasticity -- Finite element formulation for three-dimensional elasticity -- Topics in applied finite element analysis -- Convergence of multi-dimensional finite element analysis, locking phenomena in multidimensional solids and reduced integration -- Multi-field (mixed) finite elements -- Finite element analysis of beams -- Finite element analysis of shells -- Finite elements for elastodynamics, structural dynamics and time-dependent scalar field problems -- Analysis of time-dependent scalar field (parabolic) problems -- Solution procedures for elastodynamics and structural dynamics -- Verification and validation for the finite element method -- Numerical solution of linear systems of equations.
7001 ▼a McClure, James, ▼d 1981- ▼e contributor.
7001 ▼a Roy, Christopher J., ▼e contributor
990 ▼a 배대식