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020 ▼a 9781118784228: ▼c US$199.375
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24504 ▼a The TESOL encyclopedia of English language teaching/ ▼c [ed. by] John I. Liontas, Margo DelliCarpini, Shahid Abrar-ul-Hassan...[et al.].
260 ▼a Hoboken, NJ.: ▼b Wiley-Blackwell/John Wiley & Sons, ▼c c2018.
300 ▼a 8 vols: ▼b ill.; ▼c 26 cm.
504 ▼a Includes bibliographical references and index
50501 ▼n v.1 ▼t Teaching English as an International Language. -- ▼n v.2 ▼t Approaches and methods in English for speakers of Other Languages, ▼t Non-native English-speaking Teachers(NNESTs). -- ▼n v.3 ▼t Teaching listening, ▼t Teaching speaking and pronunciation. -- ▼n v.4 ▼t Teaching reading, ▼t Teaching writing. -- ▼n v.5 ▼t Teaching grammar, teaching vocabulary. --. ▼n v.6. ▼t Sociocultural aspects of english language teaching, ▼t Teaching and technology. -- ▼n v.7 ▼t Organizationl and administrative issues, ▼t Teacher training and professional development. -- ▼n v.8 ▼t Assessment and evaluation
7001 ▼a Liontas, John I, ▼e editor
7001 ▼a DelliCarpini, Margo, ▼e editor
7001 ▼a Shahid Abrar-ul-Hassan, Shahid ▼e editor
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